About StreamZero

The team responsible for StreamZero has been engaged in the execution of Big Data initiatives since 2010, primarily within the realms of Fintech and Online Advertising.

By 2014, it became evident that the deployment and management systems employed for their projects held immense value for any Big Data endeavor. Consequently, they embarked on refining their platform, aspiring to achieve a straightforward objective: the ability to deploy a comprehensive big data analytics hub within a mere 15 minutes. This refined platform, known as GridMine, constitutes the fundamental infrastructure that has been developed and expanded over the past nine years.

In 2017, an epiphany surfaced: the systems being constructed on top of Big Data frameworks were undergoing evolution with regard to data analytics, yet proved inadequate and unnecessarily intricate when constructing fully-fledged applications that harnessed the potential of big data. Moreover, the requirements of data platforms diverged significantly beyond mere Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) challenges. The initial iteration of StreamZero took shape as part of a larger project initiated in 2018.

By early 2022, through extensive engagement with Big Data projects, the platform had matured to the point where its distinctiveness in the market became evident. This realization prompted the decision to establish it as an independent entity, which materialized as StreamZero.

StreamZero's distinctive focus revolves around bridging the gap within the streaming data ecosystem, making the process of constructing and operating event-driven applications notably streamlined. With this goal in mind, collaborations are sought with systems integrators and other key technology providers.