Balance Sheet Quality Control

Executive summary

It is a routine task for the banks to assess the balance sheet quality for their corporate clients on an annual basis and to categorize them according to the risk ratings. The use case contributes to the optimization of this routine task by automating the balance sheet comparison process and setting up smart notificaton mechanism.

Problem statement

Target market / Industries


The solution

Balance Sheet Quality Control Model - different use case - for financial services -banks would have to identify the balance sheet quality for the corp clients - look on the balance sheet annually - analize and to give different risk ratings - use case automation of the risk assessment - skip the balance sheets that are very similar to previous years. If significant change - analyze manually - SEPARATE USE CASE - Notification Hierarchy! - depending on the event found in the balance sheet - different people need to be notified.

The solution included:



Data elements, Assets and Deliverables

As an Input from the client, the following items were used:

Assets & Artefacts:

The deliverables included:

Impact and benefits

The use-case implementation resulted in:


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