Release 1.0.2

New features, improvements and fixes provided to you in the 2nd Quarter of the year 2021.

New added_blue

  • The new Services Overview is a useful page to monitor and manage all platform services.
  • The Configuration Manager is a central point to manage configurations for all deployed services.
  • The Executor Framework is a powerful new utility that enables creating, orchestrating, sequencing and running of pretty much any combination of jobs and services.
  • With the Job Scheduler we have added a newly embedded console for scheduling, running and monitoring jobs, without the need of embedding third-party job scheduler.
  • We have introduced a new Workflow Manager to support the building of processes, including four-eye reviews, approval chains and quality gates.
  • We have integrated our Slack Support Channel into the Control Center menu so that you can contact us directly and easily with your questions.
  • To get quicker access to the most frequently used services and components we’ve built a list of Platform Services links and placed them into the Control Center navigation.
  • We have added a new File Storage capability for creating and uploading files and managing buckets.
  • Introduced a new User Interface and Navigation.
  • Made important improvements of Access Rights Management.

Changed changed_yellow

  • no changes to report

Improved improved_green

  • We have improved the Files Manager and in particular Files Onboarding Monitor to embed user credentials and therefore to make the files uploading and management more user specific.
  • We have taken further strides to streamline and simplify the User Management. Creating users and assign their own secured container (working space) is now fully automated - albeit not yet self-service

Fixed fixed_red

  • no fixes to report

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